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GivingTuesday is among the few days of the year where people are actively seeking causes to support, rather than the other way around. 


On November 29, 2022, the entire world will be talking about, thinking about, and discussing ways each of us can contribute to a better society.  We are a registered charitable organization. 

How you choose to participate in GivingTuesday is up to you! While many fund raise on GivingTuesday, others get creative in participation. We ask you join us in supporting this day and this endeavor. 

  • Join us in hosting a holiday food drive for this community, fill a gap in services, and solve an immediate need in our community.

  • Join us in hosting an (in-person or virtual) so that local residents can learn about the mission of our organization.  

  • Join us in a neighborhood clean up day.

  • Help us mobilize our community to give voice for causes that affect all people. 

  • Help us fund raise for our organization. 

  • Help us fund raise to support scholarship education and youth mentoring opportunities.  

  • Help us better collaborate with others. Our community is bigger than just one organization and we are not competitors – it will take all of us to work together to build the just + generous world that we seek. 

  • Help us host a takeover of our social media pages and feature organizations that serve the community and youth of our community. 

  • Help us host a 24 hour day of gratitude. Post about things our organization is grateful for.

  • Let's volunteer and serve as fiscal sponsors for a local mutual aid group or community organization.



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