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Debutante Cotillion


The purpose of the Debutante Scholarship Program is to provide scholarships and personal development to eligible young ladies. The program is designed to develop leadership skills, encourage unity, promote community service, academic excellence in young women through mentorship and life skills training. 


The process offers a wide range of social, personal, career and educational enrichment opportunities for high school seniors.


Activities consist of workshops, community service, etiquette training and more. 


Selected participants learn to successfully transition to the next stage of their high school and college careers before taking their bow and being presented to society at the Cotillion, Ball.


Join us during this grand event as we highlight young ladies from Baton Rouge, surrounding parish communities who have excelled in both academic, civic endeavors; who exhibit grace, charm and intelligence to be presented as polished young women in today’s society.


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Selected participants will be recognized for the following:


  • Tiers: Maid, Pearl, Princess, Queen

  • Miss Amity

  • Scholastic Achievement Award

  • Community Service Award

  • Perfect Attendance & Commitment Award

  • Poise & Grace Award

  • Eloise F. Jack Scholarship Awards



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